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Our Story

Yukon Association for Birth Choices (YABC) grew out the the community advocacy for the regulations and funding of midwifery care in the Yukon. We continue to advocate for the implementation of the midwifery regulations that meet the needs of all Yukoners, regardless of location, race, socioeconomic status or sexual orientation. We advocate for all to be treated with equal respect and access to the birth of their choice. 

We are here today due the organizations and boards that have continuously advocated for regulated and funded midwifery care since the late 90's. We would like to acknowledge and thank our CMAY president of many years and midwife Kathleen Cranfield, the dedicated support of the Canadian Association of Midwives and, all the midwives across the country who generously shared their wisdom and time with us. 

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We believe all people should have access to safe and culturally competent perinatal services. 

Our Mission

Our vision

Our Mission


We envision a Yukon where birthing people have access to choice of care provider and place of birth that fully supports their identity, autonomy through  evidence based care.

Our mission is to advocate for access to birth supports, such as Midwives, postpartum mental health and peri and postnatal care for Yukoners in all communities.  We are proponents of informed choice and evidence based reproductive sexual health, during pregnancy, birth, and beyond. We advocate for legislation that brings birth back to the First Nation Communities. We advocate for equitable and inclusive access to birth supports. All Yukoners deserve more birth choices, our association will work to make this a reality.

We Need Your Support Today!

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